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All of our animals are reared in our local facility*. Working closely with our feed mill nutritionist, we have developed a feed that produces animals of an unsurpassed quality. All animals are harvested humanely and are individually frozen. We use resealable bags to ensure lasting quality. The following is a description of available sizes and numbers per bag along with the approximate weight of each bag.

Due to our varying Canadian climate, we also offer blue-gel freezer packs to help ensure orders stay frozen in transit. They are re-usable and are of minimal cost.

Note - We no longer offer live shipping.

*Due to regulations rats are produced on an associate farm in a neighbouring Province.



3 to 6 days old, hairless

approximate weight per bag - 225 grams/ ½ lb



7 to 12 days old, minimal hair coverage
approximate weight per bag - 250 grams/ ½ lb


13-18 days old, fully haired, pre-weaned
approximate weight per animal 9 - 11 grams
approximately 3lbs per bag of 100


30-35 days old, about one week past weaned
approximate weight per animal 18 - 20 grams
approximately 4lbs per bag of 75


fully grown
approximate weight per animal 26 - 30 grams
approximately 3lbs per bag of 50


the largest of the "retired" mice
approximately 4lbs per bag of 40

Rats Rats
available in numerous sizes and weights
click "prices" for a complete size and price list
some sizes subject to availability

*Weights are approximate and are for shipping purposes only. We make no guarantee regarding individual weights.


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