Working closely with our primary shipping companies, shipping of your order is made easy. Our years of experience in the shipping of perishable goods has enabled us to choose the very best services available. There are two companies best suited to serve our needs, Greyhound Canada and Air Canada. The following is an outline of services and restrictions of both companies, as well as alternatives, as it relates to perishables.
Greyhound Canada
  • All shipping must be prepaid. This will be added to the total on your invoice. Shipments may be sent collect to your account if applicable, please provide us with the account name when placing your order.

  • Greyhound service area is limited to western Canada due to transit-time restrictions of 36-48 hrs maximum. This time limit is dependant upon the time of year and en-route weather conditions and is adjusted accordingly. The use of the insulated boxes and gel packs may extend that time as well. Please note this is our self-imposed time limit and is not the policy of Greyhound Canada.

  • All orders are shipped station to station to minimize expense. Front door delivery can be arranged for additional fees. Please visit their website for a quote.

  • Greyhound cannot guarantee frozen delivery at anytime and takes no responsibility for thawed orders, therefore, we cannot guarantee frozen delivery. Shipping with Greyhound is at your risk. We use ample "perishable" stickers, however, all packaging recommendations should be followed to ensure your order arrives in good condition. Please see our packaging information.

  • We can ship with Greyhound 7 days a week. All orders are delivered to the depot at the end of each day, 6:00pm MST. We recommend however that holiday periods (Xmas, New Years, Easter etc) should be avoided, these are very busy times and delays can be expected.

  • Greyhound offers a full service site to calculate shipping costs. Once your orders weight has been calculated, their site can give an exact quote. Simply click on Greyhound Courier Express and follow the instructions. This makes adjusting your order easy.

  • We can provide you with the waybill number to help with tracking should you need to track your order. This can be emailed the same day or available by phone the following day. For tracking assistance please contact your local depot.

Air Canada
  • All shipments are sent charges collect or on account. These charges are due when you pick up your order.

  • Canada-wide shipping to all major cities and a host of smaller centers. Click here to locate the nearest airport to you.

  • There are freezers located in all the major airports and many others have coolers available. Most orders spend the night in a freezer in Calgary International Airport and are shipped out first thing the following morning. The use of freezers at key locations throughout Canada is why Air Canada is the preferred method for frozen delivery. Contact your local airport for freezer status.

  • Due to locations having these freezers we ship all orders general freight to minimize shipping costs. Occasionally with general freight delays can happen, however, with freezers at key locations your order will be safe. Priority (no-delay guarantee) shipping can be arranged, however, the costs are often near triple. Let us know at the time of ordering if priority shipping is to be used.

  • We can provide you with a waybill number that is used to track the progress of you order in the system. Please go to Air Canada's Track and Trace and follow the instructions. We track all packages ourselves and find this gives peace of mind.


Canada Post and major couriers such as UPS, DHL and Purolator can be used as well. These companies are unable to guarantee delivery therefore we do not encourage their use. However, many customers live in remote areas and are unable to utilize our primary shippers and must use one of the above services. We work with our customers regardless of carrier chosen. Stockpiling during favourable weather (such as winter) to avoid summer shipping makes sense and should be considered. All shipping by these services must be prepaid and will be added to your invoice. Contact us and we can help.

Finally, regardless of service chosen we encourage you make contact with the chosen carrier in your area. By making contact you can find out arrival schedules, hours of operations as well as delivery conditions if applicable.

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